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The balance in the top-line doesn`t refresh during the game in Mining Factory

Usually it is updated within about 10 seconds after clicking on the spin button. If it is not updated at all during the game and you have to refresh the page for that, try to update the web-browser or use a different one. Otherwise, please describe the issue in details and send an email at [email protected]

What will happen if I request a withdrawal?

Should you decide to request a withdrawal or disable Welcome bonus manually before fulfilling the respective wagering conditions, all bonus funds and progress made in games will be lost.

What currency can I pay in when refilling my account with a bank card?

Any currency will be converted into EURO.

Winnings not accrued correctly in Chain`s Code

Please contact [email protected] and describe the issue in details.

How much money will I make?

We value our partners. This is why you may get up to 45% from the revenue depending on your performance! And yes, all statistics is live, up-to-date and fully transparent.

When do I get the money?

All payouts are processed within the first week of the month. Keep in mind, if your monthly profit is less than 100 Euro, you will need to wait until this amount is accumulated on your account — it won’t take long.

How can I withdraw TFL?

Click on the balance bar in the top-line to access your assets, select TrueFlip TFL tab, choose Withdrawal, input all the required data and click on the Withdraw button. To finalize your request, you should confirm it by email.

Where can I buy TFL tokens and how I do refill my account with them?

You can purchase TFL on and send it to the TFL refill address pointed in your account. In order to get that address, click on the balance bar in the top-line and choose TrueFlip.

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